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About Us

We are Tanz PR International Limited, a public relations company that provides consultancy services in Tanzania and the United Kingdom (UK). We find markets for different sizes of businesses and organisations in Tanzania, linking them up with businesses in the UK. We also offer consultancy services to profit and non-profit organisations.

We were established in Wales in the UK in 2006, and then in Tanzania in 2007. In Tanzania we had our offices at Makambako in the Iringa Region. This is where we had our first clients, who produced processed food for internal and export markets. 

 Why Choose Us?

We understand the business cultures, preferences, regulations and laws in Tanzania and the UK. Also, through our extensive knowledge in business and public relations we have created good business networks.

In Tanzania we help people to start up in business by giving them strategic direction, including how to raise finance.





Tanz pr also have an excellent graduate management programme and actively seek to develop young, talented professionals. We will post any vacancies and placements on our site.


What we do

01We work with a variety of organisations including private companies, government agencies and non-governmental organisations in Tanzania. We also work closely with universities in the UK.

02The sectors we provide services to include information technology (IT),  agriculture, the food industry, conservation and tourism. Other sectors include beekeeping and mining copper ore.

03We can produce videos of events, news releases and other projects for the public, customers and potential customers, and the media.

04Investment opportunities, partnerships in mining copper ore.




Get in touch

+255 (0) 744 06 3003  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Ground Floor, Kilwa House, 369 Toure Drive, Oysterbay, TANZANIA